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Denver Metal roofingIf you’ve spent any time researching roofing materials at all, you may have noticed that some materials stand out ahead of the pack as more expensive than the others. You may also have noticed that one of these at the forefront of the price spectrum is metal. So I bet by now you’re wondering how I could possibly be telling you that metal roofing ISN’T expensive. Well, let me explain it to you. Basically it boils down to this: although the upfront investment in metal roofing is greater than in that of other materials, the cost over the course of the roof’s lifetime is significantly less. Let’s see why that is.

Metal Roofs Are Extremely Durable and Long Lasting

The average life expectancy of a professionally installed, quality metal roof is at least 50 years. That’s 5 decades of guaranteed function! Depending on your season of life when you install your home’s metal roof, it may very well be the last roof you ever need. In that same amount of time, a person who went with the least expensive roofing option, asphalt shingling, may well have had to replace his roof 3 or even 4 times! Doesn’t look so inexpensive now does it?

Metal Roofs Require Little to No Maintenance

That last example I gave you didn’t even include maintenance costs, only complete replacements of the roof at an industry-standard interval of 10 to 15 years. Now, let’s talk about maintenance costs, because they can add up much faster. Every time there’s hail, strong winds, or a severe thunderstorm, that poor unfortunate neighbor of yours is going to hop up on his roof and kick around looking for damaged or loose shingles and leaks. When he finds them (and he will) he’ll need to call a repairman out pronto to address the problem before any more bad weather comes. Meanwhile, you will have no such problem. You will be snug inside your warm, dry home, secure in the knowledge that your metal roof can weather just about any storm.

Metal Roofs Save You Energy Costs

Metal roofing can save you big on heating and cooling costs, especially if you live in a very warm climate. It does this simply by being metal. Its natural reflective properties bounce the sun’s rays up and away from your home, keeping the heat at bay rather than trapping it in your attic as asphalt shingles do. This effect can be enhanced even more by adding a pigmented layer to your metal roof which will provide not only to initial solar reflective value, but an additional slow release of excess heat over time. This will make it altogether a lot less painful to open up that monthly utilities bill.

Metal Roofs May Give You An Insurance Break

In many areas prone to extreme weather, there could be an insurance break in it for homeowners who opt for metal roofing. This is because insurance companies recognize how durable, weatherproof, and fireproof metal roofs are and are willing to incentivize their clients to buy them- sometimes to the tune of 30% off!

Metal Roofs Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re not sure you’ve found your forever home just yet, a metal roof can still pay off for you. That’s right, you don’t even need to LIVE in the home in order to reap the benefits of a metal roof. Metal roofing appreciates your home’s value and makes it more valuable to buyers interested in your home. If you choose to sell, you will be able to fetch a better price with a metal roof than with other lower quality materials. In fact, the national average return on investment for metal roofing is nearly 86 percent. Wow!