Disadvantages of metal roofing

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Many pages have been written about metal roofing. Typing the words “metal roofs” in the Google search engine, you will find over 11 million pages with references to this kind of construction. Some companies describe the metal roofs as 100% favorable. The fact is that this is true. Disadvantages found by some owners of residential houses   are just the result of a manufacturing deficiency or errors of metal roofing installers. Let’s see about what disadvantages we are talking about.

Metal roofs materials are heavier than conventional materials used for conventional roofs. It is a misconception that is not valid unless people generalize. Yes, a metal roof is heavier than an asphalt roof, but asphalt begins to deteriorate immediately after the house was built. The weight of a metal roof can become a problem when the house has very degraded structural strength. In general, metal roof systems are very light compared to conventional alternatives. The weight of a metal roof is highly dependent on the amount of metal panel profile used.

Metal roofs are very noisy. Yes, when it rains heavily or hail falls, a metal roof can become noisy. However, if you’re one of the residential homeowners who love the sound of rain on the roof, a special sound insulation for a metal roof can eliminate this possible disadvantage, but not entirely. However, the noise made by walls and windows will be stronger than the one heard on the roof. A contractor who tells you that can he permanently reduce the noise from rain falling on the roof will lie to you. But don’t asphalt, wood shingles produce noise when the hail falls? Have you ever slept in a tent in the rain? How was it for you?

Metal roofs attract lightning. A house might be struck by lightning, but this happens very rarely. Even if lightning will strike a building,it will not happen due to  the metal roof attraction. We know that lightning is attracted to the highest point, not necessarily by metal. A metal roof can be fitted with a special anti-lightning system. However, if the metal roof is struck by lightning, it will not trigger a fire that is flammable, and the electric charge will be dissipated.

Metal roofs can bend in case of hail. Wrong again, metal roofs can sustain without problems even a man of normal weight. But like any product, there are high quality roofing and roofing of inferior quality, it depends on the budget and on what you want. Serious damage may occur even if you have shingles or wood on your roof. However, it’s not advised to climb on the roof and start jumping rope.

A metal roof can be taken by a tornado. Architects and manufacturers say that this is not possible. Metal roofs can withstand even a wind speed of 120 miles per hour, the equivalent of a tornado. A roof made of shingles, wood or asphalt can be quickly destroyed by extreme weather. A metal roof is designed to withstand the worst of nature.

In installing a metal roof, it is required a more expensive workforce. Things are actually the opposite. To install a metal roof,you are using very few tools and it takes much less than installing other types of roofs, and manpower is cheaper.  Taking into account that the metal roof is 50% lighter than the one with shingles, this means that, including transportation, costs are reduced. This type of roof can be installed directly over the old roof, which means no need for disposal and transportation to a  landfill.

A metal roof doesn’t have disadvantages,  only requires more attention to its selection and installation. If your system’s  metal roof panels will be taken by the wind, this can mean, in the worst case scenario, that there were extremely strong winds that can tear down even the house to the ground, otherwise we are talking about errors in the installation.